Follow the ISS

The third brightest object in the sky is the ISS – the International Space Station.
NASA has made a simple site that guides when to spot the ISS, depending on where on Earth you are located. Click on image below to find the guide.

Current location

You can see the station’s current position here.

Be sure to click the button “Snapshot” to open an extra map of the current ground area in a new window.

Some facts:

  • The ISS is maintained in a nearly circular orbit with a minimum mean altitude of 330 km (205 mi) and a maximum of 410 km (255 mi), in the centre of the Thermosphere, at an inclination of 51.6 degrees to Earth’s equator.
  • It travels at an average speed of 27,724 kilometres (17,227 mi) per hour, and completes 15.410 orbits per day

Read more about the ISS on Wikipedia


Deep Web – first steps

The riddle of Cicada_3301 eventually lead me to the deep web, a place I have much heard about but never had the time to explore.

To get there  I had to use the Tor network. In the beginning I thought to make it via some of my Windows7 installations, but after some consideration I decided to connect via Linux and my Ubuntu 13.04 partition.

After a few configurations and using the Tor Browser, I finally succeeded to connect and explore the Onion World. Some first screen-shots here:

Inside TOR

Inside TOR network

The hidden Wiki - a portal to the deep web

The hidden Wiki – a portal to the deep web

Bitcoins - the currency of the deep web

Bitcoins – the currency


drugs in deep web

some drugs to purchase

 IP adress

An IP adress I got – a bit suspicious

Further explorations will be covered in future posts…






Stumbled upon Cicada in January, during exam studies for Linear Algebra, so I could then not put some real effort or/and time exploring it.

Hera are though some first pictures and links of the online adventure.

The logotype

Cicada Everyhere


First message

If you open this jpg-file in a text-editor (such as Norepad++ for Windows) you will get surprised by the content of the last line.


Cicada 3301, first message 2012

Current Quest

Here is the story about current ( of year 2014) quest:

A magic square used:

Magic square

Magic square

Interpreted via the Vingenere square



was a book schiffer decoded on January 31 – 2014

eschers eye

eschers eye

It yielded this onion:


the last piece in the quest, so far …