About author

A mini biography isn´t easy to write, but I´ll try out:


I was born Thur Aug 28 1958 late afternoon, so I’ve been around for a while..

My birthplace is Athens, Greece, but I have been moving around a lot since then.

Latest part of my mini biography - creating Östberga TV

Working with Östberga TV, covering Ung08 festival in Kungsträdgården – Stockholm, the biggest youth festival in Europe.


Sweden became early my second home country where I soon learned the language and finished elementary school.
As a young student I tried various faculties,and moved between plenty of cities and foreign countries. My interests at that time was literature and music.


After a quite turbulent time, I finally settled for many years at the Cycladic island of Amorgos, raising a family and making small businesses.

In the meanwhile, I was also translating literature and worked as a freelance journalist at various newspapers, magazines and radio stations.


It was then – in the 90’s – I first came in contact with computers and soon discovered Internet. I was immediately getting fascinated by the seemingly unlimited possibilities it had to offer!

Web Development

A few years later, after moving back to Sweden, I found myself at high-schools and universities, studying those beloved subjects from a closer range. In 2014 I did acquire a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering/Web Development – specialized on Web Usability.


Since then I have build a few sites and still maintaining some:

And the story goes on…