Sing, Muse, of ages past, v1 (explained)

My first newbie attempt to create an AI animation, combining various tools and platforms. Maybe I should rather say it was made entirely by AI. I only gave an initial idea and coordinated the efforts.
*sound must be on*

AI Tools used:

Elements of AI animation

The film consists of five elements, two image files and three sound files:

Image files:

  1. Animated image of Hercules fighting Lernean Hydra
  2. An animated super-nova explosion as background

Audio files:

  1. Clip with drums
  2. Narrators voice
  3. Longer orchestral piece with chorus

Flow chart of AI animation Hercules fighting Hydra
Flow chart – click to enlarge
*EDIT: the platform is named ElevenLabs

Analysis and explanation of flow chart

To create this film, I combined five key elements using various AI tools. The visual foundation consists of two image files: Hercules battling the Hydra and a background supernova explosion. I generated these images by prompting ChatGPT and then animating them using Runaway, layering Hercules over the cosmic backdrop.

The audio files

The audio landscape is composed of three distinct tracks. First, a rhythmic drum sound sets the tone for the battle. I crafted this by asking ChatGPT to describe the sonic atmosphere of Hercules’ clash with the Hydra, then converting the resulting text into sound effects using ElevenLabs.

Next, I introduced a narrator’s voice. For this, I prompted Claude AI to create a Homeric-inspired introduction to the battle. I then used ElevenLabs again to generate the narration, opting for a deep, British male voice that I’d previously employed in another project.

Battle of the Titans

The third audio element is an epic orchestral piece titled “Battle of the Titans.” This began as a detailed battle description from ChatGPT, which I refined and input into There, I crafted a symphonic, heroic composition complete with a chorus. Interestingly, the chorus echoes the narrator’s text, creating a powerful auditory synergy.

Put together in video-editor

With these five elements prepared, I assembled them in Final Cut Pro, though any video editing software would suffice for this straightforward compilation. I made minor adjustments to balance the audio and visuals, then added simple text for the introduction and conclusion.

The result is a completely AI-generated short film that brings the legendary battle between Hercules and the Hydra to life through a blend of visuals and sound. It showcases the potential of combining various AI tools to create engaging multimedia content.

If you have any questions about the process or the tools used, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Analysis and explanation of flow chart in sound file:

For any questions or remarks, please contact me here>>

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