Instrance – a mid winter pictorial narrative animation

An experimental animation of an introspective, pictorial narrative nature. It is my first humble attempt to animate a video. Created shortly before the explosion of the AI  during my second COVID-19 disease and quarantine, in January 2022.

During my second COVID-19 quarantine in January 2022, I decided to create a unique animation as a form of artistic expression and introspection. This animation, which I call “Instrance,” is an experimental journey through my personal memories and experiences, captured through a series of images and narratives.

Inspiration and Background

“Instrance” begins with an eye closing and ends with an eye opening. It aims to depict what happens internally during such a brief moment (hence the name “Instrance” derived from “instance”). In this moment, when the eyes are closed, hypnagogic images are created, which are the visuals seen in the animation. The animation seeks to capture the fleeting yet profound experiences that occur in the blink of an eye, blending personal photographs and psychedelic effects to visualize this inner world.

Creative Process

To create this animation, I used a variety of resources from free sources. I especially want to thank Creative Monkey, Videzzy, Savvas Karampalasis, and Motion Mode for their fantastic work, which provided me with high-quality images and video clips. NASA’s open image archive also contributed spectacular space images that added a cosmic dimension to the animation. Finally, I used y2mate to convert some audio files that were an essential part of the soundscape.

The music accompanying the video is a psychedelic remix I created based on a classic rebetiko song, “Περιπλανώνενη ζωή” (Wandering Life) by Vasilis Tsitsanis – one of my favorite pieces.

Rebetiko music, known for its deep emotionality and cultural resonance, was perfect for conveying the nostalgic and introspective atmosphere I aimed for. By remixing this song, I created a sound experience that is both familiar and innovative, enhancing the animation’s impact.

Themes and Message

Instrance” explores the themes of introspection and the ephemeral nature of moments. The animation delves into the internal experiences that occur in the brief instant when we blink. Through personal photographs and psychedelic visual effects, it invites viewers to reflect on the hypnagogic images that emerge during this blink, offering a glimpse into the subconscious. This animation is a journey through fleeting yet profound moments, celebrating the beauty and complexity of the inner world that unfolds in the blink of an eye.

The film also celebrates human creativity and resilience. Despite challenging times, art and creative expression can serve as powerful sources of comfort and inspiration. By sharing “Instrance,” I hope to offer a small glimmer of light in the darkness and a reminder that even in the most turbulent moments, there is beauty and hope.

Future Projects

The positive response I received for “Instrance” has inspired me to continue exploring this type of image-based narrative animation. I am already planning my next project, which will focus on the return of spring and the rejuvenating energy that comes with it. Stay tuned for updates and new here on the blog!

Thank you for taking the time to experience “Instrance” with me. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

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