Deep Web – first steps

The riddle of Cicada_3301 eventually lead me to the deep web, a place I have much heard about but never had the time to explore.

To get there  I had to use the Tor network. In the beginning I thought to make it via some of my Windows7 installations, but after some consideration I decided to connect via Linux and my Ubuntu 13.04 partition.

After a few configurations and using the Tor Browser, I finally succeeded to connect and explore the Onion World. Some first screen-shots here:

Inside TOR

Inside TOR network

The hidden Wiki - a portal to the deep web

The hidden Wiki – a portal to the deep web

Bitcoins - the currency of the deep web

Bitcoins – the currency


drugs in deep web

some drugs to purchase

 IP adress

An IP adress I got – a bit suspicious

Further explorations will be covered in future posts…





HTML5 geo-location

One of many amazing features in HTML5 is the Geolocation API – the possibility to reveal users current location. Since this may endanger privacy issues it is only available after personal approval. Try it:

Your location is here

Note: Your browser will ask for permission to share your location and, if you approve,  it will display a Google Map of it – opens in new window.