Finally, it became true – mount Etna and Sicilia

It was short before my father died, spring 2016, that we finally got to the point.
An old wish, a long desired trip to marvelous Sicily.

Arriving, of course 🙂 in the wrong airport and in a completely wrong side of the island we had to make a wild car-trip on our freshly hired Nissan through the maze of b- and c-rings around Palermo before we finally arrived in the booked hotel, close to a half abandoned military airport 🙂 But the view to the sacred city was magnificent.

Next day, the road to Etna was an introduction to whole Sicily and the trip itself a hymn to springtime

paparounes annaBeatufifulin scarf

In the same afternoon we arrived at Nicolosi – the Gate to Etna.

Looked like the whole village was build of lava.


A childhood dream came true – to visit the mythical mount EtnaΑίτνα

etnamooncar31  etnawalk1 etnaview1  etna crateretnapuss


Stumbled upon Cicada in January, during exam studies for Linear Algebra, so I could then not put some real effort or/and time exploring it.

Hera are though some first pictures and links of the online adventure.

The logotype

Cicada Everyhere


First message

If you open this jpg-file in a text-editor (such as Norepad++ for Windows) you will get surprised by the content of the last line.


Cicada 3301, first message 2012

Current Quest

Here is the story about current ( of year 2014) quest:

A magic square used:

Magic square

Magic square

Interpreted via the Vingenere square



was a book schiffer decoded on January 31 – 2014

eschers eye

eschers eye

It yielded this onion:


the last piece in the quest, so far …